Our COFFEF DRIPs are to serve your business

We offer cooperation with

Hotels: you can put a few sachets of COFFEF DRIPS in your guests' rooms so that they can get delicious coffee in the morning quickly and easily

Coffee shop: it's a good value-added product for your customers that you can sell in your own place

Stores: it's simple. Your customers will definitely be happy with this offer

Offices: just believe that your employees will definitely be grateful for such delicious coffee

Others: I am sure that whatever you do, you will enjoy our coffee

We also make COFFEF DRIPS - business cards

A COFFEF DRIP is a bag that contains a paper filter with coffee inside.

How it is done:

The coffee is roasted, ground (filter grind) for 1-2 minutes, poured into a paper filter in the amount of 16 grams and instantly packed in a sealed bag.

Preparation of coffee please see below

Main advantages:

Quality: high quality natural coffee

Freshness: one serving in one sachet, roasted, ground and instantly packaged

Speed: only takes about 3 minutes to prepare

Equipment: none. To prepare, you need a coffee bag, a glass and hot water

Price: lower than similar ones (from €0,60)

If you're reading this, it's obvious that you'll get a special price for our coffee drips. Just say the password 0937 and we'll know what it's about

In the meantime, please send us your information by email Our agents will get in touch as soon as we finish shipping the next container of coffee. Just kidding. Ten containers.