COFFEF is...


Any autocorrect will show you that. Even on Google. Actually, this is how it was intended. It’s coffee, but with our vision on it. Coffee does not need any other name but coffee. And our coffee is just coffee. Even though it is ours. It’s such a simple idea.

Now who are we?

Well, first of all, who am I. Sashko Iamkovyi. Secondly, we are Fenster. One of the best coffee shop in the world, which has understand how to roast one of the best coffee in the world, and now we have invented COFFEF

Now let’s talk about how it all works. In short, we have learned how to make one of the world’s most delicious coffee. But to make it, you need expensive and professional equipment. We couldn’t afford it at home. So we thought about it for a long time and decided to grind the coffee, put it in a paper filter, and seal it in a bag for a minute or two. And that was it. Fresh coffee with a built-in filter. Now you can brew like a pro at home. You are a profi pro.

О! Yes! We’re not the only ones who do this, but we’re the only ones whose coffee tastes good with this filter. And there are reasons for that – lots of little tricks that make our coffee one of the most delicious in the world!

Yes, this is also clear. Now let’s talk about how it is made.

We bought Loring, one of the best roaster in the world, with a bunch of special equipment for packaging, a nitrogen generator to ensure that the coffee is always fresh. We have a huge and cool portfolio of green coffee beans. We are very proud of it. So here it is. We roast it, pack it, and send it to you.

Everything seems to be clear.

One thing is not clear: why haven’t you ordered coffee in our store yet?